At Milligan Life and Legacy Planning you will find a different kind of philosophy and a different kind of law practice. It is my goal to form a life long relationship with you and your family so that we can ensure that your estate goals are met, that your assets are distributed as you desire and that your family remains out of court and out of conflict. I am here to lead you through the ever changing world of estate planning and to make a difficult time much simpler for you and your family. We will plan for the distribution of both your tangible and intangible assets (memories, stories, philosophies).

I will guide you through a planning session in which I will learn about your family, your business, your goals and your wishes. During this meeting I will guide you through the trust world and show you what can be achieved with effective planning and the pitfalls of a bad plan, no plan or an ineffective one. This will give you the the information you need to make informed, empowered decisions. Your ultimate estate plan will be tailored to the decisions you make.

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