Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning is ultimately about controlling what happens to your assets during your lifetime, upon your death and potentially for generations to come. At it’s core an estate plan will allow you to give what you have to whom you want, the way you want and when you want. It will minimize the impact of professional fees, court costs, taxes, conflicts and disputes. The world of estate planning provides a framework for a powerful set of tools for you to control a variety of factors that can impact you, your family and your assets. It will allow you to say what happens to you and your assets during periods of incapacity. Without an estate plan or with an ineffective one your loved ones will be in court at the mercy of a judge and he or she and the person the judge ultimately appoints will make decisions about you and your property. The documents that make up your plan will speak for you when you can no longer do so. Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy, it is for anyone who wants to direct their healthcare in the event of incapacity, that wants to keep their family out of court upon their death and who wants to say who gets the assets they do have. The beauty is that during your life you can change any aspect of your estate plan as your circumstances and your wishes change. You remain in control.

*40% estate tax rate**Probate fees estimated at 3%Fees for documents and/or estate tax return not included.

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